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Person might not accept it, but will definitely think if he is been offered a good contract comparatively to the one he is bound in.HR can offer them part-time job or a full time it depends on the requirement of company, so if they have good relationship they can get the services of that person.If they don’t need the employee they fire him, it might demotivate him, but if redundancy money is been offered it will keep good relationship.

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If a company has a plan to follow so when the recession is getting over they would take brave decisions to accelerate the improvement such as a plan of hiring new staff if needed or motivating the present workers to work harder for the better result and giving then rewards if not in terms of money then as a few hours off from work. Working according to the above framework and making the strategies when coming out of recession and in normal should keep in mind the contexts such as location, SME or MNC, global or local, demographics, public or private and east or west for culture (Connor, 2010) because it is very important due to the change in environment and the mentality of people.

So a proper plan can work for the company even in recession or coming out of it. Culture of company and the people working in it should match up, and HR is responsible for it.

According to HR perspective they have to plan for the following questions suggested by Holbeche (2004) and Woodard (2008): Where are we at present? If both the things will not cope properly there are maximum chances of delay or indecent work.

Solution for this circumstance can be training or internship for the employee in the company to get involved in the environment.

In the present situation organisations face the difficulties which they have to handle and look after such as the expectation of pay increase, holidays, participation, involvement, rewards and performance of employee more over changing governmental policies and increasing competition (Burke & Ng, 2006).

While coming out of recession HR should work on these problems and make proper strategies to solve it and motivate the staff to deliver the best for the betterment of company to quickly come out of hard times. Employer and employee work according to the contract is termed as Employment Relationship (Beardwell & Claydon, 2007), but if one decides to terminate the relationship the impact on other can be negative.Smith (2009) argues that still in the 21st century after facing so many recessions in past few decades the appropriate definition of recession is ambiguous.However recession always hurts the economy and creates troubles for the companies in terms of heavy losses.HR helps the organisation to employee those people who are skilled and useful, on the contrary they redundant those people who doesn’t perform good because in recession they need money to survive in the market and these are few methods to save money. Further more discussion is done on link between HR and recession and how HR practice in recession.Strategic Alignment of HRM has immense importance in the modern working culture.Multi National Company (MNC) or Small Medium Enterprise (SME) requires the services of HR for their establishment.HR has to work in all conditions like if company is going in loss or in profit, because this department contributes to it.The working terms and conditions are changing frequently as the demand changes, as in present the recession is getting over gradually in different parts of world.HR has to manage the internal and external changes to deliver the best (Burke & Ng, 2006).HR has to motivate the workers for better performance and those who perform well should be rewarded.It might demoralize other people, so there should be a strategy to back them and support them to work hard or otherwise they won’t be loyal anymore.


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