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One of the most important things to keep in mind is relevance to the product.An example of an extremely successful humorous campaign is the series of, “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” commercials.Even though everyone can probably think of someone that’s a close resemblance.

Taco Bell saw a substantial rise in sales and their own mascot became a pop icon.

Another point to consider when using humor in advertising is that different things are funny to different people.

They sharpened my teeth till I could have shaved with them, and gave them a wire edge that I was afraid would stay, but a citizen said, “no, it will come off when the enamel does” –which was comforting at any rate.

When writing short, humorous skits, there’s not much time for character development.

They’re universal in nature because they represent an average, everyday life. Like your last visit to the dentist who had an unhappy childhood and now takes sadistic delight in tooth extraction.

Dave Berry, Bill Cosby and Mark Twain all used exaggeration in anecdotal narratives.

Advertisers use this strategy to attract customers to their product. People will pay more attention to a humorous commercial than a factual or serious one, opening themselves up to be influenced.

The key to funny advertising is assuring the humor is appropriate to both product and customer.

There are two parts to a one liner exaggeration joke. The one liner, exaggeration joke was a regular part of the comedy routine used by former Tonight Show host, Johnny Carson. One that exaggerates the truth to a level of absurdity.

In fact, he often used the audience to set-up the joke during his monologue. Humorous, anecdotal stories—like the ones you tell about your day—are more than just a joke consisting of set-up and delivery. Like an embarrassment, unpleasant experience or pain that everyone relates to in some fashion.


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