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Chapter 5 is a study of the evangelistic content of Rogers' sermons.The goal of this chapter is to determine how often Rogers actually preached an evangelistic sermon from the pulpit of Bellevue Baptist Church. Areas of his research include ground state magnetic moment measurements using beta-NMR spectroscopy; nuclear excited state magnetic moment measurements using transient field spectroscopy; measurements of unbound states in neutron-rich nuclei using the Mo NA-LISA neutron detector arrays and the Sweeper Magnet at National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at Michigan State University.

Chapter 5 is a study of the evangelistic content of Rogers' sermons.

Payne This dissertation examines the evangelistic content of the pastoral preaching of Adrian P.

Chapter 2 examines the significant events and people in the life of Rogers that influenced and shaped his passion for evangelistic preaching.

At least 22 of his students have earned advanced STEM degrees, including 12 Ph. In 1998, Rogers designed and organized the first Conference Experience for Undergraduates (CEU), held concurrently for 18 consecutive years with the fall Division of Nuclear Physics meeting.

He is one of the founding members of the Mo NA collaboration, and has advised and mentored undergraduate students in research throughout his career.

Keith Dennis, Mathematics Diwakar Raisingh, Toward an Axiomatic Characterization of the Smash Sum Thesis Advisor: Lionel Levine, Mathematics Robert Ravier, Average Values of Functions on the Sierpinski Gasket Thesis Advisor: Robert Strichartz, Mathematics Yipu Wang, Maximal Unbalanced Families Thesis Advisors: Louis Billera, Mathematics; Justin Moore, Mathematics Sudesh Kalyanswamy, Inverse Galois Problem for Totally Real Number Fields Thesis Advisor: Ravi Ramakrishna, Mathematics Derek Lougee, Percolation on the Non-P. Keith Dennis, Mathematics Thomas Rudelius, A Geometric Understanding of Ricci Curvature in the Context of Pseudo-Riemannian Manifolds Thesis Advisor: John Hubbard, Mathematics Liang Ze Wong, Irredundant Generating Sets of Finite Nilpotent Groups Thesis Advisor: R.

Keith Dennis, Mathematics Tarun Chitra, Generalized Complex Geometry, Sasakian Manifolds and ADS/CFT Thesis Advisors: Leonard Gross, Mathematics; Liam Mc Allister, Physics Matthew Guay, Infinity-Harmonic Functions on SG Thesis Advisor: Robert Strichartz and Alexander Vladimirsky, Mathematics Richard Gustavson, Some New Results on the Combinatorial Laplacian Thesis Advisor: Edward Swartz, Mathematics Zheng Kang Tham, Square-Free Matroids Thesis Advisor: Edward Swartz, Mathematics Divya Kirti, An Exploration of Transmission on Random Graphs Thesis Advisor: Richard Durrett, Mathematics Daniel Jack Collins, Generating Sequences of Finite Groups Thesis Advisor: R.The focus of this chapter, however, is upon the methodology of Rogers.This chapter addresses any problems and concerns regarding the evangelistic invitations of Rogers and it identifies the components and characteristics of Rogers' evangelistic invitation.This chapter provides a brief biography of Rogers that discusses his conversion and call to the ministry, his education in college and seminary, his pastoral ministry, his broadcast ministry, and his denominational leadership.It also identifies the characteristics demonstrated by Rogers that contributed to his effective evangelistic preaching ministry.De Vries, The Weak Order and Flag h-Vector Inequalities Thesis Advisor: Edward Swartz, Mathematics Shawn Drenning, Fractal Analysis: Extending the Domain Thesis Advisor: Robert Strichartz, Mathematics Tian Tian Qiu with Vorrapan Chandee, Counting Kneading Sequences Thesis Advisor: Rodrigo Pérez, Mathematics Matthew J.(Supervisory Chair, Avery Holton) Framing the Sharing Economy: A Transnational Framing Analysis 2016 Natalee Kasmiskie (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis) Understanding the Communicative Construction of Emotion in Nonprofit Organizations 2015 Tamara Zaman (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis) Terror of Treasure?Chapter 4 examines the evangelistic invitation of Rogers.This chapter provides a brief background regarding the origin of the evangelistic invitation and the criticism of some evangelicals regarding its historical and modern usage.This chapter begins with a definition of evangelistic preaching, and provides a methodology for measuring the evangelistic content of Rogers' sermons based upon this definition.Next, this chapter offers an evaluation of the evangelistic content discovered in the sermons of Rogers, and gives a critical analysis of the evangelistic preaching ministry of Rogers based upon these findings.


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