John Locke An Essay On Human Understanding Quotes

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He saw governance as being comprised of three aspects, Legislative, Executive, and Federative.

Locke in his Two Treatises of Government sets out to dismantle the theory of divine right of kings.

Locke's ideas of the separation of governmental powers into, legislative, executive, and federative, functions was more fully developed by the French political writer Montesquieu in his De l'Esprit de Lois (Spirit of the Laws) which was published in 1748.

In the form as developed by Montesquieu the notion of the separation of powers (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial) was incorporated into the American Constitution framing process.

Thus the government of civil societies is initiated by an implicit, but effective, "social contract".

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Locke saw the origin of civil society by such agreement as inevitably involving the associated consent to be ruled, in many things, by the majority opinion within the society.Underlying tensions within French Society culminated in the dramatic abandonment of the Estates General framework and to the adoption of a novel, aspirational, "National Assembly" framework on 17 June 1789 by the representatives of France's commoner Third Estate.(The other two "Estates" being the Nobility and the Clerics).For one thing the French kingdom, and many individual Frenchmen, supported the American movement for Independence.Opinion in France, and Europe, was stirred by seeing an aspirant people successfully gaining in independence from an unpopular government that served the interests of a King (George III).France, at that time, was very significantly the most populous state in western Europe and had a well established position of cultural predominance and military power.The Revolution in France of 1789 was followed by more than twenty years (1789-1815) of intermittent "Revolutionary" and "Napoleonic" conflict that changed European Society in very many ways.Thomas Jefferson, the principal draftsperson of the American Declaration of Independence (in the summer of 1776) considered Locke to have been one of the three "greatest men that have ever lived, without any exception".Locke's view's, as set out in his Two Treatises of Government, greatly influenced Thomas Jefferson's political outlook.(The unpopular later Stuart monarchs had often rested their ambitious claims to supremacy largely upon their Divine Rights).In this work Locke argues that sovereignty is not vested by divine right in the royal state but rests with the people.


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