Know Caged Bird Sings Analysis Essay

When summoned together, these devices add up and make up beautiful life story.

Just as a sweetly sung melody dances through the wind, Maya Angelou’s style flows fluently throughout her writing in her autobiographical piece, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”.

“I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” is an utmost bona fide, descriptive memoir.

This piece has a vast amount of stylistic devices that draw attention to the theme of Angelou’s autobiography.

Throughthis autobiographical piece, Maya's use of figurative language and allusioncompounds her thoughts, as she depicts how one can supersede the expectedbarriers and soar to new heights..

In chapters 14 and 15 of the book, Maya's usage of figurative languageconveys her struggle to speak.Like mostother stale foods, biscuits crumble easily.If handled or touched the wrong way,she would, indeed, crumble and leave bits of her soul behind.Louis and Stamps, itseemed as if she was reading her own autobiography, which is, in fact, ratherportentous and foreshadowing.With the first line of the book being, "it was thebest of times and the worst of times...", it paints a portrait of Maya'schildhood. She felt as if, even though the outer exterior of the environment was corrupt,why must her life be? Maya emerged into being a "dirty andinedible biscuit." Maya is becoming a very strong and independent woman.Without this element, the autobiography would be arduous to comprehend without being bored.The respectful tone combined with the style of Angelou mute out all other distractions and allow the reader to receive the full embracement of the mood, which contrasts sorrow with optimism. From reading I Know Why the Caged Bird sings, anyone can concede that Angelou consolidates her unique style, her tone towards particular subjects, and the fusion of tone and style creating an intense, precise mood in the reader.” With such words, the reader can only create such a vivid picture in mind of what daunt situation Angelou is going through.Following personification, tone is another significant literary element to this autobiographical piece.The listener is forced to take a step back and ponder… As the reader turns the last page, it appears the grand melody is over and complete, however Maya’s song is an enduring one, one that will last eternally in the souls of all who read her work.Within the very title of the book, Maya claims I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, later on Maya confesses what she knows: “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.


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