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Over the years these missions have evolved from simply flying by the planet and taking pictures to actually landing on the surface and deploying mobile units which can better analyze the surface.Astronomers are already hard at work on future missions to mars which include studying the geology of mars, and possibly bringing back samples to be analyzed here on earth.

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The effects of long travel in space can cause a loss in bone density and a loss of muscle.

To be prepared for a mission would reduce the risk of a mishap. The Mars One Foundation has developed a plan to send people to Mars.

They also flew by the equator and south polar regions, as well as analyzing the atmosphere and surface with remote sensors (NASA's...).

These final flyby missions paved the way for the next stage of Mars exploration, the orbiters. The Imperial Senate There are thousands of Senators that have come from the far flung Empire, Governors, military generals, and their adjutants and attaches. He has interests in virtually in all their spheres. Lord Rothschild is discovered that Mars' soil contains between 1.5% and 3% water by mass.

This mission was designed in hopes of starting human inhabitation on Mars.

On this mission, a group of 4 selected people will be sent to to study the effects of inactivity during the long space flight to Mars.

Looking back on past missions, Mars is indeed very interesting to study, and it is very intriguing to look at future missions which are planned in terms of what we may discover.

The very first missions involving Mars were known as Flybys.

Commercially exporting elements mined on Mars will alleviate the damage currently being done to the Earth by industrialization.

Colonizing Mars will create a wealth of It has been an interesting topic to research on the reality of Mars for decades.


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