Mars Introduction Essay

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Here’s a look at each of those resources, in the order of ease Mc Kay predicted they would be accessed: Mars’ atmosphere is its most easily accessible resource, providing feedstock for manufacturing methane propellant.

The chemistry involved in separating it is simple, low power, and has been employed on Earth for more than a century.

In a 2014 conference at the NASA Ames Research Center, Dr.

Chris Mc Kay, a planetary scientist and founding member of The Mars Society, presented a list of Mars’ most important resources that early Martian colonists would exploit to make the planet habitable.

, caused by a microbe that evolved to feed on the Ameoba, but which happens to be able to target our white blood cells by pure coincidence and thus infect humans.

Or Earth life could simply end up eating Mars life’s food and starve it.

And while cosmic rays can penetrate meters of regolith, their level on Mars is similar to those in the ISS.

Therefore, radioresistant terran extremophiles (there are many) could definitely survive them for thousand of years in complete dormancy — just as they would survive the occasional solar storms until they reach the safety of a possible Mars surface habitat where they can wake up.

Our microbes could possibly then share genes with some potential Mars life (if they share a common ancestor), which would completely confuse our search.

Their amino acids would get mixed up with current Mars life (if any), remains of past Mars life (if life ever arose there) or any pre-biotic chemistry on its way to life.


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