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In this case, he outlined that are standards that are fundamentally acceptable since they are appropriate as per their structure and applications (Green, 1994).Hence, people must follow and adhere to these standards if they want to observe moral law and act in accordance to the expectations in this regard.In Mill’s philosophy, moral goals entail impartiality where individuals believe that if a good deed is done to the other person, it can be reciprocated back to him or her at the time of need.

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In the effort to determine the relationship that exists between morality and reason, Mill describes the need for happiness as a driving force that motivates people to gain knowledge.

This implies that as people search for knowledge, they learn what makes them happy by adopting impartiality.

This is a philosophy that encourages impartiality beyond prudence.

As a result, prudence demands that people consider every event in their lives as being similar and attempt to get satisfaction from their lives.

Individual’s feelings vary depending on perceptions of one’s intention as to guide him or her to the right end.

Since the nature of means influences expected ends, it implies that feelings are influenced at the initial stage of determining what has to be done.

This implies that an individual must consider himself or herself equal with other people when adhering to the concept of morality.

In this regard, in order to be happy, people have to pursue happiness since it results in ultimate satisfaction and absence of misery.

Based on this notion, the moral law aims at being cheerful.

Therefore, it implies that the basic experience of the world is attributed to moral obligation if it makes people happy.


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