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You can see what the major talking points are or see when a subreddit is most active. We don’t just do Reddit either – we cover all major social platforms, forums, blogs, and the internet in general. Searching for one just returns some milestones (such as when it trended or hit a certain number of subscribers) and subscriber growth.

Interestingly it also scrapes submissions to build up a demographic picture of the user.

While slightly antithetical to Reddit’s dedication to privacy, it’s worth a look.

This can come in handy if a subreddit you’re targeting has its prime posting time when you’re usually asleep.

Once you have scheduled something, there’s also the option to X-post (cross post the same submission to another subreddit) with suggestions on relevant places.

We even have a Query Wizard to make setting up a cinch.

Once you start pulling in your data you can set up massively insightful dashboards that analyze everything from volume of mentions to sentiment. We even produced an infographic about /r/Gameof Thrones to see what they thought of each character. Try a free demo of Brandwatch today and see what’s possible. This is probably one of the weaker ones when it comes to actual subreddit analysis.Reddit Insight is generally a bit restrictive, unfortunately.A fair few features will only allow you to analyze popular subreddits rather than submit your own.Reddit has users in the millions with an ever improving and expanding ad platform.That’s why the right subreddit analytics tools are essential for marketers looking to understand how the website’s users operate. With it, you can see someone’s data related to their posts, karma, and comments.Of course, we need to mention ourselves in this list as Brandwatch is a great Reddit analytics tool.We recently became the first social intelligence provider to include data from Reddit that is regulated and compliant with the site’s user agreement.As you can only submit one user at a time, there’s not huge value here from a marketing angle.Although if you’re planning to outreach to specific users, such as contacting a mod to organise an AMA (Ask Me Anything), this might come in handy.All you do is enter the minimum votes you want to get and it will tell you when you should submit your link or post.There’s another feature worth mentioning which is the ability to schedule posts.


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