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After Edith had Introduced Susan to the other four women in the room, they all quickly put her at her ease.She looked around admiring the rubber clothes they all wore and listened as one, Carol, who was much Susan’s age and who would be her co-model, spoke.She had helped her old friend Edith write the letter she had just given to Susan and whom she had been watching carefully since she had joined the agency, and she wondered... Susan returned shaking her head: “There’s no-one Miss Brown but I did wonder...” “Come on, all ideas welcome, it’s good fun and we don’t want to throw it away lightly”. Somehow or another she had not consciously linked rubber to PVC but now, as she thought about It and leafed through the brochure, she had to admit that although Monica attracted her, the attraction was more urgent when Monica appeared in the office in her long black rubberised satin mackintosh.

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“I’m so glad to be here and that you’ve given me a chance. I’m sorry too that I was staring just now, it was rude of me, your outfit looks quite lovely - perhaps it’s rude to ask but isn’t it hot wearing it all the time?

” “Not really and it depends on what one wears and of course its weight anyway in here my dear darlings Susan’s arrived”.

Sarah and June, Sarah is in the pale blue dress, look after the house and cook - they do model when required. “Some do but I quite enjoy getting sweaty if that’s what you mean - its a super feeling when the rubber slips and slides all over you - look have you finished tea? Edith I’ll help Susan with her things to her room and give her a quick conducted tour if you like.” “Good idea we’ll meet here at 7.00 for a drink before supper - It’s lovely to have you here Susan, make yourself at home and if there’s anything you want just ask for it. Carol led the way to a lovely bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and showed her the wardrobe and chest of drawers.

I’m the basic model and general dogsbody if you like but we usually all pitch in on whatever is needed and we can all do cutting out and making up although a couple of women come in daily and do most of that. “We’ve put a few things here of your size for you to try on if you want to”.

“That doesn’t worry me - I’m - well I don’t sleep around but I’m more interested in, well, my own kind does that shock you? Shiny rubber stockings and glossy patent court shoes completed the outfit.

Edith had watched for her reaction and spoke again before Susan had a chance to say a word.“Edith does most of the design and Individual orders.Janet, she’s with Edith now is the photographic expert and looks after publicity generally and stocks. ” “No - but I’m looking forward to - but I was asking Edith if they didn’t get hot and uncomfortable”.Monica Brown sat behind her desk in the offices of the modelling agency she owned. She called in Susan, her secretary, when she had been through the post and handed her one of the letters to which was attached a brochure: “I seem to remember something about this firm”.Susan, in her early 20’s looked at it and replied: “Yes, we sent Janet down about 18 months ago - I checked our records and she is one of the models in the brochure I’ll check to see if we have anything else on file if you like”.“No, don’t bother, I remember now, it’s very short notice though. ” “Very few; its busy and not all the girls would be prepared to take it on well, you know in case they get a tag rubber is still kinky to lots of people”.“It’s a very reputable firm - I remember the checks we did for Janet although I accept that rubber and PVC fashions are not everyone’s cup of tea. Not at all delighted we can help - yes I’d love to - lets say on Saturday yes please - good I’ll be there for lunch. Monica sat back and called out to Susan who quickly came in the office. She’d like you there Sunday afternoon and she’s invited me down the following Saturday when you should just about be alone - oh, and she’ll get a map in the post today”. I’ll bring Deidre yes she’s here – no you can’t I’m afraid - no, not very comfy - oh In the airing cupboard neatly packaged In a sweat suit and sauna sack.They didn’t force themselves on her or anything like that, anyway she was getting married soon afterwards and going with her husband to Canada, but you ought to know”. she pulled up at the front of a lovely house set deep in its own grounds.Susan blushed prettily and the tip of her tongue moistened her lips. She felt an excited sense of anticipation and curiosity as she got her cases and went to the door. Susan had looked with interest at the attractive woman in her late 30’s, in particular at the clothes she was wearing; a lovely cream rubber long sleeved blouse with a high neck, a flared skirt in heavier black latex with a wide belt around a trim waist.“We all wear rubber here - but don’t worry you wear just what you want but I have put a selection in your room in case you wanted to try wearing it before tomorrow’s session begins.But come and meet everyone” at last Susan got a few words in.


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