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Once again, we are far from Descartes, whose every thought is accompanied by consciousness. – God has made them a deal, and this from a pre-established harmony: God has, indeed, wanted to create a coherent and established a harmony between all substances.– So the world has he organized on the principle of the best.– These factors are creating a mobile and fluid universe, where everything, material, nature and objects is facilitated by the monads or souls. And this plurality of levels such that consciousness appears only as a degree and a passage.

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– As for happiness, it is not in full use, where there would be nothing to be desired, but in a perpetual progress to new pleasures and new perfections.

Evil, pain, anxiety, all conditions of the property, as many shortcuts to a greater perfection.

► On the second, he asserts that no fact can not be existing without there be a sufficient reason.

The principle of sufficient reason, in the eyes of Leibniz, supreme principle, very large and very noble.

We must recognize the importance of spiritual activity.

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However, Cartesian innateness is not acceptable as such: the experience is at least an opportunity for the spirit of awareness of the wealth that is in him.Given that Leibniz the natural theologian and metaphysician is, at the same time, a moral philosopher, ethics has a central place in his philosophical system.No divisions exist among the nominally different fields. consists of a translation of the entire fifth volume of Gerhardt's Die philosophischen Schriften von G. Leibniz, sub-entitled 'Leibniz und Locke,' consisting of an introduction by Gerhardt, several short pieces on Locke's Essay and the New essays on human understanding; and of an appendix containing a translation of other short pieces of Liebnitz bearing on the subjects discussed in the New essays or referred to therein."- Translator's pref.(1714) The work of Leibniz is huge and rich with insights of genius.– Such is the optimism of Leibniz, who sees, in particular, in anxiety, all stress imperceptible keep us always on the alert, a promise of fun and an announcement of perfection.Thus, according to the Leibnizian optimism, evil is a mere shadow of the good.In terms of knowledge, Leibniz classifies ideas, defined as objects of thought, according to their clarity and distinction.– An idea is clear enough to recognize when a thing and to distinguish it. – Have different ideas that distinguish the marks in the subject who do know. Leibniz’s theory of Cartesian ideas excludes innateness.Everywhere these spiritual principles are in action: they are characterized, in fact, not only by the perception of multiple representation in the unit, but also by the appetitive, tend to act in any monad.Every monad perceives the world and tends to perform an action.


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