Music To Listen To When Doing Homework

The study, led by Nick Perham and Joanne Vizard, first appeared in the September 2010 issue of Applied Clinical Psychology.

I get asked a lot about whether students with ADHD should listen to music when doing homework. They hear something, like a dog barking, and then they want to focus on that rather than the task at hand.

It’s much better to have smooth, repetitive melodies without sharp turns in tempo or surges in volume. Other ways to block auditory distractions are nature sounds, like rainfall, or just plain old white noise. Check out “The Mind Matters Show” for more learning tips!

Whether you’re listening while waiting on the bus, jamming out in the car or dancing while you party, listening to music can be an integral part of a person's daily life, and can be incorporated into one's routine in a number of ways.

I listen to Sia, Imagine Dragons, or country if I do. One of my go-to songs is "Sangria" by Blake Shelton." -Lexi Flake, sophomore in early childhood education.

While doing homework, tweens and teens love to listen to music — not to mention watch TV or instant-message on the computer!According to Perham, "If you can understand the lyrics, it doesn't matter whether you like it or not, it will impair your performance of reading comprehension."A study by Middle Tennessee State University also came to the conclusion that music can inhibit focus while studying.The final results decided silence is the best way to stay focused on a homework task.Despite these results, some students prefer to listen to music when they study or do homework.See what some of them had to say about their study playlists here: Lexi Flake, Sophomore in Early Childhood Education-"I sometimes listen to music while studying. I listen to Sia, Imagine Dragons or country if I do.They did the best in the quiet and while listening to the repeated “three.” So what’s going on here, exactly?The researchers explain it this way: Music may impair cognitive abilities when you’re trying to memorize things in order, because you may get thrown off by the changing words and notes in your chosen song.I've heard people say that the best kind of music to listen to while doing homework is classical.That may be true, but I don't have too many Beethoven or Tchaikovsky CDs laying around my room.The Cardiff study presents a more realistic scenario: hearing music at the same time as doing the expected task. So what about the Mozart Effect, a popular theory in the 90s?Well, according to one study, listening to Mozart increased spatial abilities, but subsequent research failed to find the same effect.


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