Narrative Essay About Love At First Sight

You can put your views on this topic that: although social media is a great way to remain connected with your childhood friends that are residing all over the world, but still excess use of it is harmful for the psychological and physical health of any person.

For example, when you are asked about writing what would you do if you could go back in time, then you would probably first of all, have to think about the beginning, a middle, and then an end part of a narrative essay.

I was with my friends at the movies and we were just standing there ordering our tickets to The Uninvited, when I feel a smack from behind me. I looked at him and had a sudden moment of silence. ” I laughed, “I really don’t like popcorn, but you can get me a slushy?

” He laughed, “Okay, just as long as you let me join you and your friends,” he paused for a minute, “if you don’t mind of course.” “We would not mind at all,” I said as I tried to hold back the biggest smile ready to come out.

A moment in time where two people feel a powerful connection towards one another is classified as “Love at First Sight.” To most, love at first sight is true and can happen to anybody, however, to others, it is just a myth and can be simplified as a problem that can be solved through science or a belief they have.

I myself did believe in this theory, but with time I began to understand that it could have easily just have been a sham.

His name was Alec and he was a very handsome and interesting young man.

The first time I met him was an unforgettable moment. “Well can I at least get you some popcorn or something?

Quickly, these short conversations that consisted of hello, good luck and a small joke were no longer satisfying.

So one fateful day, I mustered up my courage and talked to him after the race.


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