Obstacles Of Critical Thinking

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Then hold yourself to higher intellectual standards.

Interviewing a prospective employee also requires overcoming critical thinking barriers.

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Frank has been with his current employer, in a small office, for over a decade.

His former employer of nine years is a large international company with multiple locations and thousands of tech support call center employees working in beige cubicles.

Often we lack some of the vital facts we need to make sound decisions and must therefore judge in terms of probabilities rather than certainties.

Often we cannot answer all the questions we would like to answer.To think effectively in corporate and organizational settings, it is helpful to consider the logic of these structures and explicitly face the questions one should ask when operating within them.The more we understand the logic of our circumstances, the more effectively we can act. We will deal with the logic of organizational structures in some detail first, approaching their potential transformation from a number of different standpoints, including that of three predictable obstacles: the struggle for power, group definitions of reality, and bureaucracy.Ask if they’ve missed something, and consider if there is be another reasonable explanation for whatever they are telling you.Trust authorities, but also verify what they are saying.Not all studies have large sample sizes and control for potential influences that could impact accuracy.Not all studies are purely for science – some are funded by third parties that may have an interest in the outcome. You need to know that whoever you work with, and whatever information sources you look at, has the framework to make assessments.In any case, critical thinking does not guarantee us the truth—rather, it affords us a way to maximize our best chance for it.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. Following that, toward the end of the chapter, we will analyze six hypothetical cases illustrating some of the ways critical thinking might be applied to decision-making in a corporate or organizational setting.We will close the chapter with a list of conditions essential for success in facilitating a culture of critical thinking.


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