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Students, This site contains all of the (released) essay questions that have appeared on the exam in the past.There are only so many questions they can ask, so if you study these you are likely to help yourself significantly on the exam: https://fiveable.me/world/ap-world-essay-topics/ AP Test Taker HW Due April 29th: Write this DBQ.

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Identify what exactly is being asked and then go through the process of elimination to figure out the correct answer. This means, rather than study 500 random facts about world history, really focus in on understanding the way history interacts with different parts of the world.

Think about how minorities have changed over the course of history, their roles in society, etc.

has hundreds of AP World History practice questions and detailed explanations to work through. Make note of pain points: As you practice, you’ll quickly realize what you know really well, and what you know not so well. [bctt tweet=”Stay ahead of your reading and when in doubt, read again.”] 4.

Figure out what you do not know so well and re-read that chapter of your textbook. Stay ahead of your reading and when in doubt, read again: You are responsible for a huge amount of information when it comes to tackling AP World History, so make sure you are responsible for some of it. Integrate video learning: A great way to really solidify your understanding of a concept is to watch supplementary videos on the topic.

Doing well in AP World History comes down to recognizing patterns and trends in history, and familiarizing yourself with the nature of the test.

Hopefully you’ve learned a lot from reading all 50 of these AP World History tips.

You’ll be so accustomed to writing under timed circumstances that you will have no worries in terms of finishing on time. Learn the rubric: If you have never looked at an AP World History grading rubric before you enter the test, you are going in blind. Read the historical background: You know that little blurb at the beginning of the document? The historical background is like a freebie–it can tell you the time period of the document and shed a little insight into the POV of the source. Often times there will be interpretations of the artist’s intent and perspective. Identify key patterns: You know that saying, history repeats itself? Practice with transparencies: Use transparencies or a white board to create overlay maps for each of the six periods of AP World History at the start of each period so that you can see a visual of the regions of the world being focused on.

You must know the rubric like the back of your hand so that you can ensure you tackle all the points the grader is looking for. There’s a reason why people say that, and that is because there are fundamental patterns in history that can be understood and identified. If you can learn the frequent patterns of history in relation to the six time periods tested, you’ll be able to guess in a smart manner when you have absolutely no idea about something. Use common sense: The beauty of AP World History is when you understand the core concept being tested and the patterns in history; you can deduce the answer of the question.

There is no guessing penalty for doing so, so take full advantage of this! Use high polymer erasers: When answering the multiple choice scantron portion of the AP World History test, use a high polymer eraser.

It is the only eraser that will fully erase on a scantron.


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