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Deregulation slowed home-ownership rates for all but the upper classes, who preferred large houses on large lots separated by stands of forest to maintain nominal values of “nature” and “privacy,” a micro-ecosystem uniquely appealing to hungry ticks.

A new paper offers a fascinating case study connecting the spread of Lyme with discrete political and economic developments of the 20th century. Kaup examines the northern Virginia suburbs surrounding Washington, D.

scapularis and others are heading toward the poles, especially in the northern hemisphere, where it’s estimated ticks’ range increases 28 miles a year.

The EPA, Pfeiffer notes, tracks a list of indicators of climate change in the U. It includes several factors you’d anticipate — growing-season length, wildfires, Great Lakes water levels — and the epidemiological bellwether of a warming globe: Lyme.

You can drag corduroy across the forest floor to collect ticks or you can simply walk through the woods with your best friend at your heel; this will accomplish, as any dog owner can attest, only slightly less robust results.

I spent the last couple of summers in mountainous Tennessee, where ticks were plentiful; they found both the dog and me.

Lyme was first identified from a handful of cases in Connecticut in 1977 — B.

burgdorferi causes symptoms like fatigue, body aches, and swollen lymph nodes, and attacks joints, muscles, and eventually the brain and heart.

Shrunken land has more exposure around its edges; sunlight on the perimeter promotes plant growth that shelters ticks.

And the removal of predators like foxes and wolves has encouraged the growth of populations of white-tailed deer, which host and transport ticks, and white-footed mice, which serve as reservoirs for the bacteria — two species that tend to flourish near humans.


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