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Rubric Gallery is a list of rubrics that have been made available to public by our members.This gallery is organized by subject and coursework type.Students that meet that number of sources earn a higher score, while students that fall short of that number earn a lower score.

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It is in this grading category that a research paper becomes different from other kinds of essays.

When you are writing a research paper, it is incredibly important that everything you state can be backed up with a source.

The example mentioned above would earn a zero in this category on the rubric.

A paper with a clear organizational style, good use of transitions, and natural progression of ideas would earn a three.

For example, a research paper should flow clearly and smoothly from point to point.

If you were writing a paper about a war, you wouldn't first start with a major battle, jump back to the causes of the war, jump forward to the outcome of the war, and jump back to explain who was fighting. Any topic you could write about can be clearly organized into a natural progression of ideas and facts.Imagine reading this lesson, but instead of headings, transitions, and a progression of ideas, you were instead presented with random facts all over the place with no clear organization.It would probably be impossible to read and understand.This lesson will provide an example of a rubric you can use when assessing research papers.Rubrics generally use several distinct categories which break down assessment into smaller chunks.In a research paper, a thesis statement should clearly outline what the topic of the essay is and the broad category of facts that will be included.Because a thesis statement is such an important part of an essay or paper, it often gets its own scoring category on a rubric.For our example rubric, the category 'Thesis Statement' covers this.An unclear, poorly written thesis statement would earn a zero in this category, while a clearly written, engaging, and well-thought-out thesis statement would earn a three.If the author makes many claims that do not have sources, they would obviously earn a lower score, all the way down to zero.The next category of the rubric ties in with the previous.


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