Permanently Assign Drive Letter

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The operating method is as follows: You should run Partition Magic and right click the partition whose drive letter will be changed. Finally, you should restart computer according to the prompts.Other Methods (1)Windows 2000/XP Generally, there is no drive letter chaos problem in Windows 2000/XP, but the premise is that only one hard disk is installed when you install Windows 2000/XP.

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Of course, the second hard disk can't be seen in pure DOS mode.

(3)Format Disk You can select "" to assign all space to extended partition.

You may select the drive letter you want to modify in main interface and choose a new drive letter from the drive letter column.

Then you can perform saving file command and restart computer.

However, we can enter "" button and re-assign a drive letter.

Then you can repeat this command on other partitions.

(2)Windows 9x/Me There is a simple way to solve drive letter chaos problem in Windows 9x/Me.

You just need to set the first disk to "" in BIOS setup program.

In Windows 9X/Me In Windows 9X/Me, generally you can adjust hard disk drive letter by setting master-salve jumper of hard disk and BIOS or using third party tool, Letter Assigner.

We only need to click the certain disk partition that we want to change in the program and specify drive letter in toolbar.


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