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Classes are back in session, the leaves are falling off the trees, and most of our counselors have departed for the two-month marathon of flights, high school visits, and college fairs that we call travel season.In addition, thousands of high school seniors across the country have begun the process of filling out college applications.A satisfying essay will introduce an idea, an image, or even a word, without fully revealing its significance until the end.

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(Details about X.) Some people may choose option A.

(Details about A.) While others may choose option B.

Likewise, even the best writers understand that good writing is the result of a process, and that process includes false starts, confusing digressions, and dead ends.

Nobody, not even professors or novelists, churns out perfect paragraphs the very first time.

There is no sure-fire topic that will prevent you from writing a bad essay.

My own college essay was full of really bad jokes — like “Is that a camera?If your writing teacher asks you to write a personal essay, rather than submitting a laundry list of every detail you can remember on a particular subject, satisfy your reader by delivering a sustained development of a single, vivid incident that shows your reader what the experience was like.Choosing to write about the death or illness of a relative or pet, a close call in an automobile, or an account of the big game may make it easier for you to conjure up and identify the emotions you want to express, but be careful.As an academic exercise it is often one of the first assignments given to students for teachers and instructors to get an idea of one’s personal writing abilities.Believe it or not, it is considered one of the easiest assignments to complete.If you haven’t spent a summer doing something important and striking, like knitting sweaters for abandoned baby penguins, what is something that makes you who you are?What is the thing that, when you hear it mentioned at a party, makes you perk up and want to join in? “Punctuating dialogue properly is important, but actions speak loudly, too.Perhaps it’s something that you’ve never really examined in detail before.You don’t have to start with an event of worldly significance, in the hopes that it will make your essay better. I’ve read a lot of really boring essays about surviving car accidents, or winning the big game, or dying puppies.Writers who get too caught up with expressing their own emotions can sometimes forget the needs of the reader.Maybe your topic is important to you not because it was a single, huge, momentous event, but rather because it’s part of your everyday life.


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