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It demonstrates how an individual can have the capabilities of teaching others numerous lessons, just by being who he is.This study will focus on giving a general book overview and specific reasons as to why no one tried to cure Gregor Samsa after he turned into an insect.But the most interesting story is the insect-like transformation, particularly the image of insect-like person lying helplessly on his back and waving his tiny insect-like legs in the atmosphere.

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Franz Kafka's "transformation" begins with Gregor as an excrement wakened from his uneasy dreams.

- "Transformation" is the first novel published by Franz Kafka in 1915.

The story has attracted lots of comments where more people agree on the importance and high quality of the story.

However, it is commonly agreed that this story reveals a hostile world that is possibly absurd.

Various factors in private life may have a negative influence on self concept.

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Focusing on the negative self-concept, you can see the repeat variables in their social environment that can cause depressive symptoms.

The key themes in the book include isolation, self-sacrifice, workplace alienation, and father and son antagonism (perhaps portraying the difficult relationship between Kafka and his father).

Kafka’s story is at times praised for several reasons: its three-part structure, its symmetrical, its symbols (like the music Gregor's sister plays and the lady in furs), and its use of black humor.

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