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The kindness and recognition from people who barely knew me kept me going, and thankfully I am here today to encourage you all to be as aware, as kind, and as informed as the people who helped me were.I’m sure we’ve all read the internet story about Kyle, the nerd who was bullied by classmates after knocking his books over and making him fall.

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Add mental illness with poor actions of those around us, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Which leads me back to my main point—stay aware and be kind to those around you, because you never truly know who is dealing with what.

Ending a life is a big step in the wrong direction for most. Suicide happens every day, and everyday a family’s life is changed.

Something needs to be done to raise awareness of that startling fact.

According to, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, an American dies by suicide every 12.3 minutes, every day.

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A 2015 statistic states that 44,193 Americans die by self-inflicted injuries each year; however, it is likely that that number has increased within the past year. Are we ignorant to the warning signs of someone in need? I urge everyone in this room to recognize the signs of someone who might be considering suicide.My point is not that every single bullying incident or rude action will lead to someone’s death, but my point is that our actions and words have a lasting effect on people and always will.I hope that my own experience has opened the eyes of those who think it’ll never happen to them—I thought the same thing. Truthfully, you never think that you could lose someone in such a tragic, preventable way…and then you do.Suicidal people often battle with depression and other serious mental illnesses. My father, at just 48 years old, was gone by his own accord. Everything about my life was innocent and sugary sweet—exactly how life should be for someone that young. on July 30th, I found out my father had taken his own life.Recently, social media and pop culture references have given the masses the idea that love will help save people who are feeling suicidal. We, together, must stop parading the idea that love saves people.This idea promotes the wrong message and ignores the fact that society’s actions and mental health are a huge concern for suicide awareness.A popular jock, Mark, helped Kyle get up and befriended him after he saw how hurt Kyle looked after the incident. But that doesn’t make the lesson any less clear or important—our actions and words have a great impact on emotionally insecure individuals. In 2013, Angel Green, a 14-year-old from Indiana hanged herself from a tree next to her bus stop because she wanted her bullies to see what their words had done to her.As the two became closer and graduation arrived, Kyle confesses in a graduation speech that Mark saved him from taking his own life that day—just by being kind when no one else was. In 2012, 15-year-old Audrie Pott hanged herself with a belt after three boys gang-raped her and leaked photos of the event and passed them around to students.


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