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;-)Speaking as a third-wave feminist, I will say that it's tough trying to argue your views to people who consider this a "post-sexism" era, and attempt to use that as a rationalization and a defense for some very sexist, misogynistic thinking: basically, "shut up, you've won the right to free speech and equality - now flash your tits or get back to the kitchen." Even if not phrased in such explicit terms, the mindset among these "post-sexism" individuals seems to suggest that feminists have "won" and are now demanding more than their "fair share." I said this in my review of MEN EXPLAIN THINGS TO ME, and I'll say it again now: that third-wave feminism isn't just some over-entitled mindset where women are demanding special treatment - unless you believe that equal treatment is "special" treatment.There is still a wage gap, and that wage gap is particularly bad when it comes to women of color.Yes, things are better than they were 100, 50, 20, or even 10 years ago - but it isn't perfect, and we aren't even close to being done.

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With wise humor and a savvy eye for curious, absurd, and at times wildly funny period artifacts, Lynn Peril gathers here the memorabilia of the era — from kitschy board games and lunch boxes to outdated advice books and health pamphlets — and reminds us how media messages have long endeavored to shape women's behavior and self-image, with varying degrees of success.

Vividly illustrated with photographs of vintage paraphernalia, this entertaining social history revisits the nostalgic past, but only to offer a refreshing message to women who lived through those years as well as those who are coming of age now.

I hate that whole idea of women having to act weaker and dumber in order to make men feel stronger and more masculine. Because underneath all of these instructions about how a woman sho I finished this book today. I can't believe people back then DOUCHED with LYSOL! They shoved these silly ideas about being a woman and being a man down people's throat.

It was as if every ad was laced with some sort of arsenic. No wonder we have so many problems these days, if this is what our grandparents and parents had to live with.

But isn't it nice that American advertisers finally felt comfortable using red in ads for menstrual products (see an early exception using red)?



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