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"It is not merely that the world is bettered by saving, replacing, and multiplying trees.It is that an aim of this kind becomes an impulse towards developing a mood and an outlook which will increasingly make it natural to think for the future, for other people, for generations yet unborn.Whose inspiration and guidance were, by one estimate, responsible for the planting of over 1 trillion trees. Barbe Baker (1889–1982), a healer of the earth, trees of every kind became his extended family.

"It is not merely that the world is bettered by saving, replacing, and multiplying trees.

Planting a tree is a symbol of a looking-forward kind of action; looking forward, yet not too distantly." —Richard St.

Barbe Baker Imagine a man who for 92 years walked the earth, often broke but never lost, inspiring others to plant trees.

TF is operating 2,000 village projects around the world, planting more than 10 million trees (in some areas, at a cost of a cent and a half per tree! A $30 donation will provide enough funding for an entire village's seeds. This group mans the front line in the war against deforestation. A donation brings you their quarterly World Rainforest Report and periodic "Action Alerts." Tree Planting Tips and Steps Growing Fruit Trees From Seeds All About Growing Fruit Trees Planting trees may be one of the best methods today to slow today's climate change with it's currently rising temperatures on Earth.

RAN organizes lobbying campaigns and, when necessary, nonviolent blockades to save important rain forests, from Malaysia to Hawaii (where the last lowland tropical rain forest in the U. This is a project that people around the world can work on together to try to restore the environment in their countries and ultimately the world.

If in doubt, plant any native species that generally do well locally.

Reducing atmospheric CObuildup, it won't solve the problem, not unless we all turn into Johnny Appleseeds.Since they retain water in the soil and transpire moisture into the air, they are—in part—responsible for the ongoing existence of many springs, the even flow of rivers, and the formation of rain clouds.Since their innumerable roots hold soil in place and their bodies block wind, they are the best of all means for stopping erosion.For it to do so, we would have to replant all the planet's deforested areas—or double the growth rate of existing forests—to compensate for humanity's excess carbon dioxide production.It's been estimated that a typical family of four would need to plant six acres of trees to offset its COgeneration.Indeed, shade trees on the south and west sides of a house can lower its air-conditioning bills by up to half.Cities are particularly important locales for new tree-planting efforts.Indeed, since they continually pull nutrients from the subsoils and drop organic matter to the earth, they are unparalleled soil builders as well. Consider that: A single mature tree absorbs around 13 pounds of carbon dioxide a year, while a younger, actively growing tree may absorb up to 26 pounds of CO, per year—approximately five tons per acre of trees. To maximize the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed, trees should be planted that gain weight the fastest.Depending on the trees' densities, these may or may not be the same ones that gain diameter the fastest.When the bureaucratic nature of his occupation frustrated him, he struck out on his own.Baker spent the rest of his life traveling the globe organizing planting projects and, in speeches and books, raising public awareness of the need for more trees.


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