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Poverty Essay Introduction-39
The British who ruled India ruthlessly, had systematically spoiled the basic economic structure of our land and destroyed the various arts, crafts, cottage and small scale industries which we had previously.They exploited Indian resources for the glory of Britain and made Indians parasites in several respects.2.About 35.7% of the people are below 14 years of age and hence are incapable of earning.

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The process of economic liberalization which has been let loose recently, has of course, started showing its positive results during these days.

Time is not ripe to pass find judgements and its results.5.

The caste system compels its members to stick on to the traditional and hereditary occupations of the caste.

It does not give encouragement to the caste members to take up to jobs of their choices.

A sizeable number of people are suffering from various diseases for which proper medical treatment is not available.(iv) Social Causes: (a) Traditionalism: India is a land of traditionalism, communalism, casteism, linguism, parochialism, religious and linguistic prejudices and so on.

These factors have a negative effect on country’s progress by making people dogmatic in their approach and narrow – minded and selfish in outlook.(b) Illiteracy and Ignorance: Illiteracy and ignorance are supportive of poverty.

Hence, the little progress that is achieved in the economic sphere is being eaten away by the growing population.

As per 1998-99 estimates, 8% of the people [9.60 crores] are above 60 years and their capacity to contribute to economic production is limited.

The value of rupee further decreased to 7.2 paise at 1960-61 prices.

This uncontrolled inflation adversely affected the purchasing power of the common people.4.


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