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It seems that this speech implies an inferiority complex, a mediocre as old and tiresome as design itself: being seeing as stylists.Some designers, maybe as a reaction, seem to want to transcend the aesthetic design aspect, even avoiding bringing it to the table.

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Maybe we are taking the idea that to the extreme (a Japanese proverb quoted by Bruno Munari in “How do objects are born”).

It could be interpreted that when everything makes sense and works, it is automatically beautiful.

I´ve tried to apply this method sometimes, designing physical products, when stuck with a technical problem.

The first issue was to clearly define the contradiction, which isn´t usually easy. Shaw and Allen Newell created a software called General Problem Solver (GPS) with the aim of achieving a universal system to solve problems. To ask a designer to solve a problem we should set it: “This is the problem to be solved”.

In design it is usual to run into non-completely defined problems, even some that are not articulated yet.

Problem Solving And Program Design In C Answers Who Can Help Write A Business Plan

A product that creates frustration when used, makes a problem visible, it may or may not be well defined, but sometimes what the designer has to look for are opportunities from still unexpressed needs.Others place design work focused purely on function, efficiency and measurable results at a higher level.White background and blue links on digital products, flat aluminium sheets and visible screws in physical products.A seasoned designer would know that sometimes it doesn´t make sense to spend resources on a delightful look and feel, would deliver valuable products with a naked design approach, very appropriate in some cases, but not all.It is also true taht sometimes I’ve felt very proud having met client´s expectations with this kind of design.This expression is repeated as a slogan here and there, but very rarely the concepts of are fully explained.At best, the term is accompanied by an explanation of its intended meaning: design detached from art, fully functional or everything has a purpose.They are well-defined problems, if we find one solution, it can be enough.In this case, designers and engineers can use a process of analysis and subsequent synthesis.Among them we could include some who produce beautiful work. It could become a time-consuming argument and deflect attention from core design tasks.I admit that sometimes I have avoided this issue when dealing with a customer.


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