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The Weakness of the Weimar Republic and Hitler's Rise to Power The question directly relates to the idea that the political power of a country can be taken over by ambitious people in different ways.From our knowledge we know there is three ways this can be done…by take over by force, also known as a 'coup d'etat', in a more democratic and just way or by a political deal.His party was the largest party by 1923 but not the majority, however they were voted into power through a free election.

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His military hero status was essential for his ability to garner support from the German public.

His monarchistic views were highly influential in shaping the government while he was reigning as president, and as a result of his seat of presidency, he was a major determining factor in the eventual fate of the republic....

The Weimar government was never popular with the German people as it was set up by the allies after the first world war not very many people felt any reason to support or maintain it and little committed themselves to it.

It had been targeted by both left wing and right wing groups in its early days in an attempt to overthrow it and there was extreme violence and rioting on the streets of Berlin.

Multiple approaches attempt to explain the varying causes of the disintegration of the Weimar Republic.

Theories such as Modernisation theory, the Cultural approach, Structuralism and the Transition approach each contribute an explanation for the fall of the Weimar Republic....

The rise and success of the Nazi party was not only due to their leader/dictator, Adolf Hitler’s inspiring and powerful charisma and the strategic methods which he undertook to gain the support of the people, but the substantial number of external factors that had a considerable influence on the Nazi parties rise to power....

[tags: Paul von Hindenburg, Adolf Hitler, Weimar Republic] - Paul Von Hindenburg was a renowned military and political leader for Germany; he is most notable for being a distinguished Field Marshal for the Imperial German Army during WWI, and being the second president of the Weimar republic.

In the 1920's and the 1930's Hitler led a right wing political party and was seen by many as a dictator.

He wanted to overthrow and control the German government and he tried all three of these ways in an attempt to do so, some methods were more successful than others.


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