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b) The second is the marketplace product, in which you describe and analyze potential customers: who and where they are, what makes them buy and so on. It should point out just exactly what will be sold, to whom and why the bushiness will hold a competitive advantage.4.Here, you also describe the competition and how you’ll position yourself to beat it. The management team: A brief summary of the business team composition, special skills required to operate the proposed business successfully should be provided in the executive summary of the business plan.This will prompt the financial institutions and others watching and planning to support the business. The proposal: State clearly the intent of the proposal and what precisely you are planning to do and achieve the intended output.7.

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In brief, it focuses on the proposed strategy to beat the competition.12.

Future Prediction as to the targeted market share, profitability and return on investment13.

For companies in private industry, the heart of the business plan is a business model and business strategywhich describe how and where the company expects to make and spend money.

All other parts of the business plan stem from the model.

When describing the industry, discuss the present outlook as well as future possibilities.

You should also provide information on all the various markets within the industry, including any new products or developments that will benefit or adversely affect your plan is merely a "plan for the business," where the business may be a profit-making company, a government organization, or a non-profit organization.A business plan can also represent a product line, an individual product, a line of service products, or some other part of a larger business entity.Type of business and services offered: Once you’ve described the business, you need to describe the products or services you intended to market.The product description statement should be computed enough to give the reader a clean idea of your identification.Financial requirements: Clearly state the capital needed to start the business and to expand.It should detail how the capital will be used, and the equity, if any, that will be provided for funding.Business plans usually look forward in time for a period of one to three years to a "planning horizon," which moves forward periodically with reviews and updates.Business plans for different organizations will differ somewhat in content and structure, but most are designed to address two fundamental kinds of questions: Founders and owners typically develop an initial business plan before startup.If the loan for initial capital will be based on security instead of equity, you should also specify the source of collateral.10.Risk assessment and mitigation strategies: The executive summery may also include a brief sketch of the potential and killer risks assessed while analyzing the business proposition vis- a-vis industry and the potential competitors.


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