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Different views on the importance of religion, including how it helps people and how it harms them (the ethical debate) The topic of religion is sensitive and not many people are willing to discuss it openly.

The ideas given above include controversial questions that you can explore in your research.

Business and law: how to manage sexual harassment lawsuits in the workplace 34.

How to mitigate the negative impact of police violence on the reputation of law enforcement agencies These essay topics on law and justice can provide some valuable insights into the many issues pertaining to the justice system, especially those that are the most controversial.

Importantly, pay extra attention to tools and innovations that can improve the Earth.

Since business is a relevant topic in the modern world, this field offers an array of essay ideas that you can use when writing.Advantages and disadvantages of religious education and how it influences children's worldviews 63.The best solution for overcoming religious discrimination (exploring the Christianity – Islam opposition) 64.Meaningful lessons that readers can take from Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five 39.Contemporary writers who have influenced the history of literature 40. The definition of cultural awareness: when it is and is not relevant 42.Recommendations on becoming a citation style expert (the MLA edition) 51.Effective guidelines for writing an astonishing discursive paper 52. Specifics of technical writing: how to differentiate between specialized and non-specialized text 54.If not, you will need to spend hours on researching and brainstorming or …simply check a list of 95 proposal essay topics below.Coming up with memorable titles for articles and research papers: how to capture the attention of the audience 55.The easiest ways to develop a draft that will serve as the basis for your future paper While essays on writing are not as common as the other topics included in this article, they are essential for those who want to develop themselves into well-rounded writers and become more proficient in expressing their thoughts and opinions.


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