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It tries to unravel them, as once again, it is assumed that once you are aware of what is really going on in your mind the feelings will not be as painful."Psychodynamic theories are attempts to explain a portion of the human condition.

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Freud developed a detailed theory on how our own thoughts and feelings affect our actions. The words psyche or "mind" and dynamo meaning "power" are derived from the Greek language.

He believed that we can infer the existence of the unconscious through slips of the tongue and dreams.

We have many clients who are studying psychotherapy and counseling because they have excellent people skills and want to help people.

Ability to connect to people, listen emphatically, understand their problems and guide them through the process of self-discovery, insight or merely addressing their issues with techniques and interventions is what makes a good psychotherapist.

In practicing psychotherapy, you can practice which is cohesive with your personality.

When you draw from a particular model, you do not use only techniques and interventions.

Years later this theory is still prevalent in today's psychology.

Today, many therapists use psychodynamic psychotherapy, which tries to get the patient to bring to the surface their true feelings, so that they can experience them and understand them.

If only we could be evaluated based on the skills that we will actually use in our profession!

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