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The question is, "How does Stevenson create a mysterious setting in the extract" One of the quotes is "fogged city moon" My first point will be that Stevenson uses the fog to create a mysterious setting.

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Remember to cite them correctly to score the maximum amount of points, and make sure to pick out short quotes that would make the most valuable contribution to your piece.

“A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be,” Einstein quoted.

In these cases, it would be very helpful to read and search for previous reviews on the article or piece that you are being asked to review yourself.

Once you have, you may want to use direct quotes from them.

Usually, staff in writing service companies are professionals; not only do they have the ultimate academic writing skills, but they also have expert knowledge in a range of different fields such as English, Psychology, Economics and many more.

This means that, given that you make it clear that you must include quotes, these professional writers will select quotes that are unique; most likely to be found in academic journals and articles rather than on the internet, and with the utmost relevance.You could make the point of pathetic fallacy instead of just fog.Stevenson uses pathetic fallacy to create a mysterious atmosphere beneath the "fogged city moon".Essay writing services promise to construct a high-quality writing piece that meets all the requirements you instruct.For example, if you need to have a certain number of sources, touch upon certain points and arguments, you can be entirely trusting that the writers that work in these types of services will come through.Pick a quote that is short, straightforward and useful as the support material.To avoid plagiarism checker free, remember to cite the quote appropriately, and write them down the exact page number you found it in.The more a quote sounds like it isn't forced, the better.That's why it is called embedding it within a normal sentence - so it sounds as normal as possible. For analysis, you can talk about how fog is a reoccurring motif of secrecy in Jekyll and Hyde.Having a well-known quote or a quote said by someone popular serves as a if you will – since the odds of them recognizing the quote or the speaker are high, it is a good strategy for making the essay relatable and welcoming for readers of all backgrounds or types of knowledge.Finding famous quotes is not something that’s challenging to do.


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