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I will discuss shortly whether this difference will have a substantial effect on the outcome.Meanwhile consider the typical difference between the means with allocation by minimization (not shown in the figure).In the more common pre-post parallel-groups design (the kind exemplified by the data in Figures 1 and 2), there has to be a sufficiently large correlation between the characteristic and the change score of the dependent variable for the error to be appreciable.

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In simulations the spreadsheets on average outperform randomized allocation, especially for mean differences between groups and for allocation after recruitment.With minimization there is the same gain in precision from accounting for unexplained variance, but because there is little or no difference in group means, the adjustment for the difference involves little or no extrapolation with the linear covariate term.Precision is therefore overtly a little better following adjustment with minimization than with randomization; more importantly, the adjusted estimate is less sensitive to violation of the assumption of linearity of the effect of the covariate.If the effect of the treatment depends on the subject characteristic (e.g., greater reduction in blood cholesterol in heavier overweight subjects), the mean effect of the treatment in the group will differ substantially from the mean effect in the population.The resulting error in the estimate of the effect of the treatment depends on what happens in the comparison group.You could also state that the effect of the treatment could be confounded by the characteristic, but arguably bias and confounding should be used when a method of subject allocation produces only consistent differences in group means.While it should now be obvious that minimization of differences in group means of characteristics can result in better precision in the estimate of a treatment effect, it is less obvious that the calculated width of the confidence interval is on average the same as that with randomization when the analysis does not account for the differences in means.If minimization is perfect, there is no difference between the group means of the subject characteristic, so the typical difference of a group mean from the population mean is given by the standard error of the mean of a sample of size 2n with two groups, 3n with three groups, and so on.for a randomized controlled trial of the effect of two types of exercise on blood cholesterol.This kind of design ideally requires hundreds of subjects, which automatically reduces the impact of subject characteristics to a trivial level when allocation is by randomization.Minimization is nevertheless advisable, especially if the analysis involves comparisons of subgroups with less than the optimal numbers of subjects.


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