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In a second experiment they found no significant difference between longhand versus laptop note-taking on an immediate test – in fact, in this experiment they included a “no note-taking group” and found that these participants did not perform worse than participants in any of the other note-taking groups (Below, I discuss this latter finding in the context of other contributing factors that need to be taken into consideration).Thus, the results pattern directly contradicts the original findings.

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Thus, the findings above may not necessarily generalize to an authentic classroom.

For example, the finding that participants who did not take any notes during the presentation performed as well on an immediate test as participants who took notes may not occur with authentic material in a real classroom.

Emphasize those ideas when you teach, ask in-class questions about those ideas (retrieval practice), and return to those ideas at different points in time (spaced practice).

A final note Research is subject to development and change.

Thus, on a test given two days after studying it made no difference how notes were taken.

In their second experiment the researchers allowed participants to study their notes before the delayed test and found that this further reduced differences between note-taking methods – corroborating no reliable difference between different methods.

Further, it was found that the laptop note-taking group produced more words in their notes than the longhand group and that the notes were more verbatim compared to the notes taken in the longhand group (although the latter finding was not found in their second experiment).

This finding is in line with what was reported in the original paper.

The optimal scientific approach is one that continuously tests previous findings and ideas in order to understand them better.

The aim is to obtain a full picture of a finding and not to settle too quickly.


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