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The number of players who are supposed to take the field during a match of baseball is nine.The two teams play, alternating between offense and defense.

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The games are played with a particularly high degree of enthusiasm amongst the people of the United States of America where the people play these games as a means of entertainment and also training.

The importance of both these games in the United States of America can be understood if one looks at the sheer number of movies that have been made with either of these two games as the theme.

New connections are formed, and unused connections fall away in a process called pruning.

Much like cutting back dead or unnecessary branches keeps a tree healthy and helps it grow, brain pruning is necessary to healthy brain development.

"Disruption in normal pruning has been shown to be related to weaker connections between different parts of the brain," Murugesan said.

"Our study has found a significant decrease in gray matter pruning in the frontal default mode network, which is involved in higher cognitive functions, such as the planning and controlling of social behaviors." Studies of biomechanical data from this same group of participants were conducted at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N. Their findings showed that most head impacts occurred during practice.

"The new National Football League kickoff rule eliminating the running start is an example," Murugesan said.

The researchers hope to conduct further study to fully understand the long-term changes in resting state brain networks and their association with neuropsychological task performance.

A new study reveals that lasting evidence of brain injuries is present at an alarmingly young age.

The study tested the blood of college football players for biomarkers that indicate traumatic brain ...


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