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Antibodies typically interact with circulating antigens, such as bacteria, but are unable to penetrate living cells.Chief among the regulatory T cells are those known as helper (or inducer) cells.

Antibodies typically interact with circulating antigens, such as bacteria, but are unable to penetrate living cells.

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(Hofmann) “The immune system displays both enormous diversity and extraordinary specificity.” (Hofmann) It can recognize millions of distinctive foreign molecules and produce its own molecules and cells to match up with and counteract each of them.

In order to have room for enough cells to match the millions of possible foreign invaders, the immune system stores just a few cells for each specific antigen.

In MS, this myelin sheath is inflamed or damaged, ...

Considered to be in the later stages of the disease are symptoms such as disorientation and confusion of what month and ... Neurotransmitters are chemicals, released by nerve cells, that carry information to the brain (Baron, 1998 ...

The disruption of nerve signals within the brain and spinal cord causes a variety of symptoms that may affect vision, sensation, and body movements.

“These symptoms usually wax and wane through a series of relapses (episodes when symptoms suddenly get worse) alternating with remissions (periods of recovery, when symptoms improve).” (Brunnscheiler) For many patients, a long history of MS attacks over several decades leads to slowly progressing disability, but for others the disability is more rapid and severe.“Regulatory T cells help orchestrate the elaborate immune system.“ ( Kaser) For instance, they assist other cells to make antibodies, proteins programmed to match one specific antigen much as a key matches a lock.MS is a devastating disease because people live with its unpredictable physical and emotional effects for the rest of their lives. In the United States there are approximately 200 new cases diagnosed each week; MS is a common disease and not always caused by genetics.Therefore, I feel we all need to have a better understanding of this disease that has no cure yet. In my paper I will explain what MS is, who gets MS, what MS has to do with the metabolism, some new techniques being used to pinpoint genetic factors, what some of the symptoms of MS is, and some treatments for MS.MS is a life-long chronic disease diagnosed primarily in young adults who have a virtually normal life expectancy.Consequently, the economic, social, and medical costs associated with the disease are significant.This is due to both the transitory nature of the disease and the lack of a specific diagnostic test–specific symptoms and changes in the brain must develop before the diagnosis is confirmed. (Waxman) To understand what is happening when a person has MS, it is first necessary to know a little about how the healthy immune system works.(Health Central) Although scientists have documented cases of MS in young children and elderly adults, symptoms rarely begin before age 15 or after age 60. The adaptive immune response is more complex than the innate. The immune system — a complex network of specialized cells and organs — defends the body against attacks by “foreign” invaders such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.Also, MS is the most common nerve disease to develop in young persons after birth, and it affects over 1 million young adults worldwide.“Close relatives of a person with MS are 8 times more likely than average to develop the disease themselves, and children of a person with MS run 30 to 50 times the average risk.” (Waxman) Most people experience their first symptoms of MS between the ages of 20 and 40, but a diagnosis is often delayed. All his signs and symptoms are symptoms of dehydration. difference in how a virus and bacteria replicate and affect cells of the body? women are affected at almost twice the rate of men; however, among patients who develop the symptoms of MS at a later age, the gender ratio is more balanced.


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