Results Section Of A Research Paper Example

Results Section Of A Research Paper Example-6
This section is concerned with presenting the analysis of the results of data analysis.There is a great deal of disciplinary variation in the presentation of findings.For example, a thesis in oral history and one in marketing may both use interview data that has been collected and analysed in similar ways, but the way the results of this analysis are presented will be very different because the questions they are trying to answer are different.

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So it is worth finding out what conclusions your brain has reached while you were collecting and analysing your data. This is why reporting data analysis is not enough; you need to:in order to make clear your contribution to knowledge in the field.

Evans and Gruba suggest you try these techniques: 1. Now check the headings against your research question(s). Use these groups and headings to make a plan of the points you want to make in your discussion. This page and the next, on reporting and discussing your findings, deal with the core of the thesis.

The Results section of a research paper is where you present the novel outcomes of your work.

At this point, the reader understands the rationale for your investigation and the methods you used to address your research questions, and you now need to distill your findings into a systematically presented and accessible form.

If you have nothing to write, write 'I have nothing to write'. It probably won’t produce text you can use in your thesis, but it might help to clarify your ideas and show you ways to structure your argument. For some fields of study, the presentation and discussion of findings follows established conventions; for others, the researcher’s argument determines the structure.

Therefore it is important for you to investigate the conventions of your own discipline, by looking at journal articles and theses.

Every thesis writer has to present and discuss the results of their inquiry.

In these pages we consider these two activities separately, while recognising that in many kinds of thesis they will be integrated.

To achieve this, the Results section should generally follow the same pattern as the Methods, following the order of data acquisition as closely as possible in most cases.

However, it is more important to use a logical presentation sequence than it is to be strictly chronological.


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