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They may appear as simple and straightforward, but it can take many re-readings and a deeper analysis to fully understand the hidden meaning or message behind the poem.

In “The Tuft of Flowers”, the simple ordinary story of a man looking for his neighbour to help him “turn the grass” is only a cover to the deeper meaning of fellowship, togetherness and loneliness.

The main theme of the poem is fellowship and, in my opinion, this is reflected in the underlying message which is that you are never really alone, even though at times it may seem like you are.

Someone has been in your situation before, there are absent presences, such as the mower in the poem.

The “bewildered butterfly” is confused, flying “round and round”, searching for the flower that was “yesterday’s delight”. The butterfly gets the poet to think about the situation, “I thought of questions that have no reply.” Instead of returning to the ordinary, daily tasks needing to be done, the butterfly captures his attention and draws him to, “The Tuft of Flowers.” The butterfly unites the speaker with the mower who has been and gone, “and I must be as he had been – alone.” If the butterfly had not appeared the speaker may not have noticed the “tuft of flowers” that had been left earlier by the mower which symbolises the mowers kindness and love for the beauty of nature.

The butterfly’s search for the resting flower mirrors the poet’s search for companionship.

On a metaphorical level the poem has a much deeper meaning.

The wall represents a barrier between the speaker and his neighbour.

The poem refers to their feelings and attitudes towards each other.

In this poem, Frost conveys his mischievous, imaginative side and the contrast between him and his stubborn, traditional neighbour, “like an old-stone savage armed.” It shows how there can be a common ground between people who are different and portrays the importance of building relationships.“The Road Not Taken” describes the speaker making a decision on which route to take and his feelings about his choice afterwards.


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