Romeo And Juliet Love Essay

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One would expect that Romeo has read of noble knights speaking of their love interests in this manner, and is simply copying their style and idolising these great warriors.

However, his passion for Juliet causes him to tell her the strength of his love in a much more realistically and truthfully – from the heart, and he really seems to grow up.

The first sign of Romeo’s feelings towards Juliet is in the first act, scene five so it’s quite near the beginning of the play. Romeo becomes more devoted and passionate as he moves further into his relationship with Juliet. ” Act 3, scene 5, lines 23-25 The two top lines are a lovely example of the language feature; a sonnet.

After the wedding night, although Romeo must leave before dawn he is so consumed by true love that he tells Juliet he will risk death just to stay with her a little while longer. When Romeo and Juliet first meet they speak mainly in sonnets, as this was ot only poetry symbolising love, but it also shows the connection between the couple – when they can finish each other’s sentences in rhyme, there truly is a chemistry.

” Act 1, scene 3, lines 97-99 This quote is an example of Shakespeare’s setting up a “primary” Juliet, if you like, who Shakespeare can then develop throughout the play into a young and independent woman, who knows in her own mind who she really loves, no matter what her parents think.

Here, Juliet is showing her devotion to her family – in short, her love of Lady Capulet makes Juliet want to please her – by naively doing whatever Lady Capulet wishes her to do, which is to have a young arranged marriage.Therefore when Romeo and Juliet marry, it pans out as much more like true love, than a modern audience would see.However there is still a significant contrast in courtly and true passionate love which convincingly develops the bond between Romeo and Juliet audiences of both times, and makes the tragedy of both their deaths at the end seem so much more heart wrenching and devastating.These were very common in Elizabethan times and the Elizabethan audience would therefore see Juliet’s rebellion against this as a very controversial thing to do and explains the life-changing impact her love for Romeo has on her, which of course makes the story all the more dramatic for them.However, this aspect of the play for the modern audience is seen in a very different way, as arranged marriages are so uncommon nowadays and are often thought of as unfair and controlling of the parents.Juliet’s father seems utterly unattached to his daughter – his only wishes are not for her happiness but for the wealth of his family, which shows how his not being involved with Juliet’s upbringing has depleted any affection he might have had for her.The nurse whom he and Lady Capulet employed instead would dress, clean, breastfeed and care for the baby who was not hers.Here, Shakespeare is cleverly creating a contrast of the “artificial” love and obsession with Rosaline that makes Romeo act in a very effeminate way, with the true heartfelt adoration Romeo has for Juliet, even though it is only young love.This particular technique may be less effective with a more modern audience; who is more used to true love lasting over a period before marriage, but with an Elizabethan audience, they are more accustomed to “rushing into things” perhaps even because the lack of stability they have regarding their life expectancy.Therefore she and Friar Lawrence (who helps her) are showing she has prioritised that her love for Romeo, and Friar Lawrence’s will to make Juliet happy are more important.Friar Lawrence could be described as the source of paternal love for Juliet as he is the person who understands that she loves Romeo, and is willing to help her.


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