Rubric For A Compare And Contrast Essay

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Students can be bewildered by a typical compare/contrast essay rubric.However, if you isolate the key skills students need to demonstrate, you can make a middle school friendly rubric students can use to guide their writing.

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Well-placed examples will accentuate or build a comparison, whereas poorly placed examples will leave the reader perplexed as to what you are trying to compare.

For example, you could frame your descriptors in this way: Once students have built the core of the essay, the actual pie filling in our metaphor, it's time to build the pie shell around it.

So when designing a writing rubric for a compare and contrast essay for a typical middle school student, you want to be sure you break it down so that students can clearly understand the components of the essay, and how they can write each one well.

The core of the compare/contrast essay for students is, of course, comparing and contrasting.It would be as if they picked out all the right ingredients for their pie filling, but added them all in the wrong order. So the next area of the rubric you would want to address is integrating evidence.Integrating examples is a key part of the essay's organization that focuses on just the placement of examples.Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level.Asking your students to write an essay that compares and contrasts something is an great way to get your kids to the analysis level of higher thinking.So when setting up the rubric for your students, you need to start with these skills.Whether students are comparing two works of fiction, or two historical time periods, the skills to compare and contrast are fundamentally the same. Rachel Tustin has a Ph D in Education focusing on Educational Technology, a Masters in English, and a BS in Marine Science.She has taught in K-12 for more than 15 years, and higher education for ten years.First, put the failed URL into the Way Back Machine to find the original file: is the first thing I would do. Please contct the owner, Ted at [email protected] comments etc. I am more interested in linking to new URL location of the file than in replacing the file with a new file, as the intent of the original file link fits with the page as it was originally created.


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