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The content illustrated on the dashboard depends on the needs of the client.

The content illustrated on the dashboard depends on the needs of the client.In Smith’s case, it was necessary to compare different financial scenarios, that’s why this function was added to the dashboard. Smith can see the costs of leasing a bus, using it, providing food and nappies for the children.

Smith needs to rent a house, hire child care professionals trained in early learning programs, and calculate the overall daycare startup cost. Smith can start looking for funding by investor or lender, interested in a profitable startup idea. The primary expenses include renting costs and wages of staff, while the secondary ones consist of costs of food, driving, nappies, etc.

But how to prove that his business is worth lendable funds? Having calculated the approximate first month expenses, Mr.

First of all, we’ll go through a step-by-step process of starting a daycare business, from assessing the need for the service to conveying a relevant startup idea and running up to the opening day.

By clicking the green button below, you’ll find a daycare business plan financial model Excel template available for download, which will most likely become the cornerstone of your future successes.

Thus, let’s start the ball rolling, exploring the need for the day care services.

indicates that daycare businesses are likely to encounter one of the fastest-growing employment rates out of all professional fields by 2020.

Besides, it can assist you in efforts to meet both long-term and short-term financial goals. Having found how valuable and profitable his startup idea was, he managed to find investors, ready to handle the financing of Kids Care Center.

Finally, it can help you to prove to the leaders that your idea is worth their investments. In the model described above, you can use several business scenarios just by changing any of the yellow cells and see, how they perform.

Operating and starting a daycare business is a pretty challenging but rewarding business.

This work requires a clean bill of patience, dedication, and love, as it may be utterly overwhelming at times, with more-than-8-hour working day and all the paperwork that comes along.


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