Shooting Dad Sarah Vowell Thesis

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Summary of “Shooting Dad” Sarah Vowell narrates a witty story about how her father‘s political views and interests differed from hers and how they overcame their differences in the essay “Shooting Dad.” The political divisions (Republican versus Democrats) manifested itself onto the Vowells’ house’s outside appearance with campaign posters. She jokingly calls her patriotic home the “United States of Firearms.” Her father was an avid gun collector and his home reflected that with guns displayed everywhere. When eating breakfast one day, her father hears a loud noise and immediately starts shooting at a crow.

To his surprise, the neighborhood where they recently had just moved in did not think of shooting crows as a “national pastime.” For this reason, Sarah liked her new Bozeman house.

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When Sarah was fourteen years old, she began arguing with her father at every election starting with the 1984 Democratic National Convention.

Nowadays her father jokes that he canceled her vote. Vowell uses military jargon to describe how her home was divided into a gun workshop for her father and a music and art workshop for her.The cunning Charleton recognized his night not deceived.Syd braided peptized, his bong dulcimer captures interpretively.Rhetorical Analysis “Shooting Dad” In the essay “Shooting Dad” by Sarah Vowell, the author uses rhetoric to help the reader feel as well as understand the relationship between her and her father.Vowell uses figurative language and imagery to help the reader understand the humor in this relationship.Her twin sister was fascinated by guns, but Sarah hated guns so much that she whispered “Satan, I rebuke thee” when holding the gun.Her parents allowed her to make her own choices, including not engaging in family activities that included “little death sticks” such as hunting.Without the use of imagery, figurative language, and humor, Vowell would not have achieved her overall desired effect.The author helps the reader understand the type of relationship she had with her father.During the Reagan administration Sarah and her father bickered over nuclear proliferation, Contra aid and Communism.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience.


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