Short Essay On My Cat

That is, he is still all except for his fluffy, dark tail.

His tail curls and wags continuously as if it were a totally different creature, maybe a little black snake you would find in the yard. you could possibly think that Kitty is sometimes dead because he is so still, but then you notice his tail wagging and it is a complete give away.

As I rest and Kitty sleeps, I look over at him and he looks just like a stuffed animal you would find in a child's room.

All of a sudden, I feel him begin to twitch and jerk.

Apart from being cute and adorable they are smart too. Cats never forget anything easily so whatever you teach them they remember it throughout their life.

Many people keep cats so that they can keep a check on the number of mice in their house.Cats are very friendly and one of the best companion in terms of pet animals.The sense of smell in cats is very strong and they can sense anything from a far distance also.10) Daisy sleeps near my bed in a cozy basket made especially for her.Here is another set of 10 lines on my pet cat for your easiness and help you better understand the importance of pet cat.These points will help you to easily prepare an essay on my pet cat and help your essay look more appealing which will help you to obtain a good score.Please go through to get a better understanding on the topic: 1) I have a pet cat and her name is Daisy.He scampers over to me then standing on his hind legs, he puts his paws on my thigh.I pick him up, knowing that after a long day alone, he's dying to be handled.I hold him in my arms as if he were my child, and he immediately begins to almost vibrate.His soft purr gradually gets louder and louder as I caress his little charcoal belly.


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