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People who drink heavily for a long time can develop diseases such as liver inflammation (alcoholic hepatitis) or severe liver scarring (cirrhosis). According to the statistics in the year 2010 by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and prevention) the number of discharges with chronic liver disease and cirrhosis as the first-listed diagnosis was 101,000 persons, while the number of deaths has been 31,903 persons.However, it can be argued that some of the benefits of drinking alcohol can be harnessed when drank moderately.They will go to great lengths of censoring and even banning things that will threaten their power.

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According to the NIH Senior Health, drinking too much alcohol affects many parts of the body.

It can be especially harmful to the liver, the organ that metabolizes (breaks down) alcohol and other harmful substances.

But what are the consequences of consuming alcoholic There are many people, groups, or organizations that crave power and will do whatever it takes to get it.

Some of these consist of governments, religious leaders, and other authoritative figures.

(Pociluyko 2003) Alcohol falls under the category of a depressant.

Chemistry of alcohol Alcohols are characterized by a hydroxyl The Effects of Alcohol Final Research Paper Introduction to Nutrition There are many reasons why a person consumes alcoholic beverages.For example, if a man was to go to a club and drink a lot of alcohol, in which his body cannot withhold; his heavy intakes will lead to dizziness, vomiting, and impaired breathing and in extreme cases, unconsciousness and coma that can lead to death.According to Caron, underage drinking is a leading public health problem in the United States.Rather than just prohibiting their own children from reading the books, protestors try to have the books outlawed making it impossible for everyone, both children and adults, to enjoy.Books should not be censored; in fact censorship should not even exist in America today.Since the Civil War, racism has been a very Censorship One of the most despised sentiments an individual can endure is knowing the truth has been hidden from you.Numerous countries around the world are hiding reality from their citizens.Even if this may be good willed at first, this act manipulates a population with lies.Censorship is the banning of any sort of communication (e.g Literature) which is considered harmful or obscene to a certain population by the government (Gilc for hours just to get a hold of the newest book released.A thirteen year old swimmer will never break a world record at some middle school swimming competition; therefore, there is no need to ban these suits at such a low level.Ironically, by banning the suits, the organizations are alcoholic beverages, there are different types of consumers of alcohol.


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