Six Sigma And Thesis

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Q3: How efficiently and effectively are the other international industries especially from Malaysia are able to integrate lean six sigma in their industries?

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Six Sigma was originally introduced by Motorola, General Electric and Honeywell as an authoritative performance improvement tool (Pande, Neuman, & Cavanagh, 2006).

The introduction of this technique has changed the face of modern industries today.

Moreover at an operational-level applying Six Sigma and lean tools provides numerous benefits to fixed and variable supply chain improvements.

The benefits which are obtained from such model are also discussed and it is concluded that management should conduct a thorough analysis in practice before implementing this technique on a particular department.

This research paper is formulated with the core idea of having a critical review of real success or failure experiences of six sigma implementation in Pakistan and India.

The observations were made on the basis of extensive literature review, case studies and real life instances.Six Sigma is a statistical methodology which involves multi-faceted business driven approach and the ability to improve processes, reduce costs and experience increase in profits.This improvement tool is extensively utilized in manufacturing, industrial and services industry.The cost reduction is attained through attenuation in variation and focusing on the underlying reasons for poor quality or waste (Huesing, 2008).The Six Sigma implementation requires cost and efforts in terms of training human resource and reformulation of business processes.The purpose of this paper is to discover the implications and evaluate critical success factors for successful six sigma implementation in Pakistan and India.This research will assist in focusing on the critical success factors which has allowed industries in these two countries for having a successful implementation without investing on expensive consultation fee.The DMADV methodology has been implemented for inventing and innovating major new features of existing products, services or processes. Introduce the lean six-sigma DMADV methodology to the packaging industry. Show how a DMADV methodology can be implemented for designing efficient and sustainable packages that will satisfy the consumer and would have less environmental impact. Deshpande, Sumeet, "Introducing Design for Six Sigma’s DMADV Methodology to the Packaging Industry" (2016). Lean separates the value added process from the unnecessary steps which merely waste time and elongates a process from start to finish.He was of the opinion that this strategy will help in attaining better results with an integrated approach (George M. This paper is aimed to find out “Six Sigma Success or Failure Experiences in Pakistan and India” for which we have conducted our research through online journals, articles and various case studies of companies which had implemented Six Sigma or are planning to implement in search of professionals who can assist them in applying this tool properly.


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