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We have only highlighted a few of the main features that Skate World is using.There are many other features and functionality that we would love to show you.Spring Season: April 20 - June 16Fall Season: September 6 - October 27Click here to download a printable flyer for the roller skating rink.

It’s not supported.”The Martins said they toyed with the idea of selling Great View on several occasions before deciding to put the two-lot property on the market last year.

At the time, the owners expressed a desire to step back from the business and retire.

They asked for $850,000 for the property and business, but failed to find a suitable buyer, Martin said.

That’s when friends recommended converting the 16,000-square-foot facility into a pet day care business.

Each winter, thousands of people swarm to the rink to experience outdoor ice skating right in their own backyard.

In the spring and fall, children can take roller skating lessons and boogie down during open skate on warm spring nights.Lil YPad also served as Skate World’s local point of sale system for all of their in-house sales and services.All of Lil YPad’s online and local features are inegrated so Skate World’s party bookings are processed through Skate World’s website and are immediately visible to anyone logged into their Lil YPad point of sale system.The Enfield Planning Board approval the Martin’s business proposal last week.It would be open for day care but also would allow people to board their pets while away on vacation.This beautiful facility has a lot to offer year round, including open skating, birthday parties, rink rentals and skating lessons.Please contact Tracie R​eed with any questions or for more information, 732-745-4484 or 732-494-2980 during rink business hours.If you would like to get a demonstration of how Lil YPad can help your trampoline facility, give us a call at 1-866-419-4043 or send an email to [email protected] can be as quick as 20 minutes or can be as long as you like.Peter and Diane Martin, the owners of Great View Roller Skating, said the sport’s declining popularity and a sharp drop in attendance have forced them to rethink how they use their nearly 4-acre property off of Route 4.“We’re just not getting the normal traffic we used to have for normal events,” Peter Martin said on Monday.“It’s literally come out of our retirement and our inheritance to maintain the rink.


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