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The reactions typically vary based on what norm you break and how strong of a norm it is. Following the norm of giving personal space provides both for us.In the case of invading people’s personal space, I did not receive and intense reactions. Social norms are really important to our society’s functioning.The reactions of people when you break a social norm can vary quite drastically. ...people shift away from someone too close they give a disapproving look.

Social roles and social norms basically give an explanation of how people’s behaviour is greatly influenced.

The essay gives an account of Milgram’s experiment on obedience to authority....

Some social norms are flexible according to the environment or situation.

These norms also vary within different cultures, social groups, and social classes.

These norms are enforced upon young women so much that typically their only hope of survival is with the help of a patriarchal figure....

[tags: Sociology, Marriage, Love, 19th century] - Over the past few decades, fundamentalist movements have formed across the Islamic world.If certain norms were not followed it is almost certain chaos would ensue. Not only do we follow social norms in order to prevent chaos, we also follow them to avoid the consequences of not following them, especially if the functional perspective is accurate. Social Influence: Social Norms, Conformity, & Compliance. Retrieved from: Sometimes however, you just have to break a norm to see what happens.One big implicit social norm involves personal space.Social norms influence our behavior more than any of us realize but we all notice when a norm has been broken.Breaking a social norm is not an easy task and often leads us feeling uncomfortable whether we broke the norm ourselves or witnessed someone else breaking it.[tags: Social psychology, Sociology, Psychology] - Social norms are the rules of behavior that are acceptable within members of a society.They are acceptable expectations that must be followed by a group or society.[tags: Sociology, Symbolic interactionism] - Social deviance is a violation of social norms. In many countries around the world, girls are married as young as 11 years old.To Americans, that is considered child abuse and rape, but that is only because of our social norms....


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