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The premise of selling a minimally viable product so you can work the bugs out later is a problem solver’s dream life.Just a few years ago, I would have thought living from moment to moment with always too many things to do was the correct way to live.

There was no time to contemplate the feeling of a job well done.

There was only the next problem waiting to be taken care of.

Whether it was working at the county nursing home or as a day laborer on construction sites or even teaching, my days were always unfulfilling because nothing was ever finished. I went from one problem solving experience to another. But I did that with zero feeling of accomplishment, no downtime and no reason to see life in any other way. My wife told me in no uncertain terms that if I never relaxed I would die early.

Then she would have gone to all the trouble of getting married for nothing.

I lived for the To-Do list helping me arrange my life so I could get more things done.

I never expected a reward beyond getting those things done. I deserve something more than being out of breath from running to handle each new problem.

I was bad at relaxing; it was a skill I had never mastered.

Eventually, with some study, therapy and help from my wife, I realized that the more I expected the world to be a certain way, the more it was that way.

For years the only way I could sleep was by being so exhausted that I fell into bed and passed out.

I was driven to take care of as many problems as I could each day because I knew tomorrow was already full of problems to solve.


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