Solving Inequalities Problems

Solving Inequalities Problems-23
Here is a step-by-step guide to how to solve an inequality with a fraction in it.Even if fractions seem to trip you up every time, once you learn this concept, you'll be solving problems with fractions in them in no time.

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Take note of any negatives that you will need to remember to carry through while solving the problem.We solve the inequality by subtracting 85 from both sides: x ≥ 35.Check To check the answer, we see that 85 35 = 120.Solution Let x = the number of subscriptions Leon sells in the last week of the month.The total number of subscriptions for the month must be greater than 120, so we write : 85 x ≥ 120.A linear inequality is very similar to a linear equation.Recall that a linear equation has variables to the first degree only, and the variables are never squared, cubed, or taken to any other power.Solving real-world problems that involve inequalities is very much like solving problems that involve equations.In order to get a bonus this month, Leon must sell at least 120 newspaper subscriptions.All the properties below are also true for inequalities involving ≥ and ≤.The addition property of inequality says that adding the same number to each side of the inequality produces an equivalent inequality $$If \: x\frac$$ To solve a multi-step inequality you do as you did when solving multi-step equations.


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