Solving Problems Algebraically

Solving Problems Algebraically-86
Works well when the quadratic can easily be factored.

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The idea behind factoring is to place the equation into standard form, and then factor the left hand side into two factors (x-a) and (x-b).

The solutions to the equation are then x=a and x=b. Factoring works because there is a rule which says if the product of two factors is zero, then one of the factors must be zero.

There are two possible values which have the same absolute value.

Remember, the absolute value is a piece-wisely defined function.

Others of you were taught the AC Method of Factoring.

Some of you were taught the trial and error method of factoring.

The equation must first of all be written in standard form, and then the coefficients plugged into the formula.

The formula was derived in class by completing the square on a generic quadratic equation.

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