Solving Problems With Ratios

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Rows of Equivalent Ratio Worksheets These Ratio Worksheets has rows of equivalent ratios, each with either the first or second term left blank.

One ratio in the row of equivalent ratios will be written with both terms.

Ratios and Rates Worksheets These Ratio Worksheets will produce problems where the students must write simple fractions, rates, and unit rates from word phrases.

These ratio worksheets will generate 16 Ratio and Rate problems per worksheet.

Example: A piece of string that is 63 inches long is cut into 3 parts such that the lengths of the parts of the string are in the ratio of 5 to 6 to 10.

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These Ratio Worksheets are a great resource for children in Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, and 8th Grade.

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$$\frac=\frac$$ $$\frac\cdot =\frac\cdot b$$ $$a=\frac\cdot b$$ x/100 is called the rate.

$$a=r\cdot b\Rightarrow Percent=Rate\cdot Base$$ Where the base is the original value and the percentage is the new value.


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