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Screw you guys, I’m going home Ever since 1997, South Park has revolutionized the cable TV scene as a profane and obscene program that isn’t afraid to mock religious, political, and cultural topics and not get away with at least offending somebody.

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According to, “in high school he made an album with pal David Goodman titled “Immature: A Collection of Love Ballads for the 80’s Man” which showcased his humor as well as his musical talent” (Shpadoinkle, 2011).

After graduation Parker attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

However, the program also fearlessly wades into the morass of American political life as it tackles and satirizes all American sacred cows, including “political correctness,” the value of celebrities, ideas about childhood, and the role of religion in American life.

In the process, ’s relationship to other animated programs, and the program’s representations of racial and ethnic minorities, the disabled, celebrities, children, religion, and education.

The most talked about religious bashing from the series came on November 15th, 2005: the Scientologist lampoon, “Trapped in the Closet”.

The episode featured Tom Cruise and John Travolta locking themselves in a closet after the suspected prophet of Scientology was not impressed with Tom’s theatrical work which lead into a mockery of the religion and angered scientologists and, more specifically, Cruise.

Randolph Severn Parker III also known as Trey Parker, was born on October 19, 1969 in Conifer, Colorado.

Parker is the younger of two children of Randy II and Sharon Parker.

De Lashmutt and Brannon Hancock Part Four Specific Critiques 11.

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